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Our man in Ghana.
Royal Convenant Foundation
Sharry Kalar Phone Shop
Wisdom Nyarku Artist from Ghana
One World Art Clothes Shop
Group for fair trade + treatment + human rights.
The Lithium Chronicles.
Ursepio Juggler Channel.
Whimsical OOAK Art by Diane Negrón
Peruanisch Kochen mit Wofgang Britt.
Swiss Decorations Flower Shop of Olivera Rankovich.
Anthroposophischer Koerper Klang.
Swiss Prophetic Zion. Find your Way to Jerusalem !
Quang Harvest Ministries.
Willy Gysin's Kunst
Beat Gschwinds Handbuchbinderei am Gemsberg Basel
Vladimir Frenkel's Art (soon in the eleventhousand virgin room at rheinsprung 12 4051 basel.)
Katharina's Art in the Peterhof (Sales)
Marceline's Art in the Petershof. Download the pdf file on the homepage ! Anfragen wegen Kauf bitte zu petershof19@bluewin.ch